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Comprehensive Financial Planning

When you take your yearly physical, you expect your doctor to look at all aspects of your health. Imagine you went to your appointment, your doctor asked you how you were feeling, took your temperature, and pronounced you were fine.

How would you feel?

What about lab tests? What about a review of your medications? Have there been any major changes in your health? Have you been vaccinated? A comprehensive annual physical involves all aspects of your health. It's the best way to ensure you remain healthy now and in the future.

The same is true of your financial situation. Comprehensive financial planning is designed to provide you with a complete overview of your financial situation, the same way an annual physical provides for your health.

Comprehensive financial planning involves a deep analysis and review of all the factors that comprise your financial condition. A comprehensive financial planner will analyze your investments, tax situation, debt management, retirement plans, family situation (will you need to provide for an elderly parent now or soon?), planning for college if you have children, estate planning and long-term financial goals. Comprehensive financial planning brings all these aspects together to create an in-depth look at your true financial situation. This will enable you to create a plan to make the most of your finances.

Unfortunately, not all comprehensive financial services are this in-depth. Some financial planners will tell you that a comprehensive plan only includes estate planning with perhaps a look at your tax situation or how you're handling your debt. This is useful information but is not a complete picture of where you are financially or where you would like to go.

When all aspects of your financial situation work together, your financial condition will be healthy. This is the best situation for you and your family in the present and/or the future.



What is comprehensive financial planning?

It's a complete analysis and in-depth review of your financial situation. It involves:

  • Structuring your debt
  • Planning for college if you have children
  • How to manage your tax situation
  • Determining what insurance you need to provide for your family in case of injury or death
  • Estate management
  • Planning for your, and your spouse's, retirement
  • Understanding your long-term financial goals
  • Creating a financial plan that takes you successfully from the present day into the future

How do you create a comprehensive financial plan?

It's difficult on your own to create a complete financial picture. Working with a trusted financial advisor can provide you with comprehensive financial services to analyze every aspect of your financial situation. They will review with you each key element, and help you determine the long-term goals that work the best for you and your family. Through this process, you can create a financial plan that provides the financial security you need today and allows you to confidently plan for tomorrow.

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